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simply indicates a victory for nature's silent defensive processes in the struggle

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or else it is not used in cases when it is indicated. It was to the

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on a tumor identical in structure and course appeared on the

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presence or absence of malarial infection. Two rules should

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tions may obtain, though in a minor degree, especially in

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condition by comparing it with another condition which is not understood :

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a diffuse haemorrhage of the lungs. We also observe extensive

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opium-poisoning. In cases in which the prognosis is grave,

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reached in treatment by the mere removal of peripheral

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representing the Lady of Peaceful Death, which is preserved above the

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^^ During the autumn of 1817, the disease extended itself to MuzufF-

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occurred before any physician reached the house. On examination

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they occur only at night. In these cases the affection may have existed

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nective tissue around the vessels, or from the remains of the Wolffian

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non-ptdsating tumor in popliteal space; aspiration of thin^ viscid blood; no ejfect. Two

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Billings, and Matthews, United States Army, and by several

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a novel method of treating fractures, but as Dr. Lucas-

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malaria in Macedonia has been undoubtedlj' increased in some cases hy

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Humanistic Studies. Department of Community Medicine and Health

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* " Recherches sur les troubles des nerfs peripheriques et surtout

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Located as it is in a great coal-mining district, the sanitary condi-

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is a reiteration of structure ; however complete in its or-

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his ideas enabled hira at aU times to express himself in a clear

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to avert. It does not derange the stomach, but improves the appetite

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granular casts thrown off' from its secreting tubes. The amount

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is in all probability the explanation of her desire to

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