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facial cellulitis, apparently directly produced by a spreading from the
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Scabies in children often simulates this disease very closely, but
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Diagnosis. — The direct diagnosis in well-developed cases is unattended
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of Johnstone, Sutton, and Tait, have awakened new inter-
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1892, and I shall quote cases in proof of this assertion :
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fection have been associated with an ominous prognosis
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not with an aseptic wound. While we are perfectly willing
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Photograph (Herring), n, optic chiasma ; b, tongue-like process of gland ex-
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usually to rapid death. (2) Upon the amount of brain
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with the certain prospect of becoming chronically insane
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Koch to be either so curative that its dangers became insignificant or
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may not suppurate, resolution taking place; or suppuration may occur,
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of Pennsylvania; Obstetrician to St. Agnes' Hospital; Gyne-
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where the opportunity for the induction of labor had been
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healthy organ, and suspended from the upper large spleen by a membrane as
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ment usually proves the most useful. The administration of acids, with a
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once stigmatizes the character of the preparation and of
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sults follow a fish diet is as yet a matter of conjecture. But iodine is the universal
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apparently of exhaustion. All these patients were very
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those organs. More commonly the uvula and half-arches are also involved
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tend to nip it in the bud, and there is no knowing to what
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even after the use of small quantities. Simonowitch is at present
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In the Dublin Registration Area the births registered during
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increase anteflexion. The danger to inversion or partial
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