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the embryo, makes it perfectly clear that it is a mistake to de-

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of uric acid, and is also impaired in its effect by acids. Upon this

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3. Causes of rejection among Europeans and Bengalis :

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gaged in the production of chemical phenomena, and all the

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had a return of the gall-stones, and I have found adhesions be-

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last moments of life. It is only when the invaginated portion becomes

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The facts here presented also admit of no dispute; they are well

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was, in like manner, in the foreground of medicine.

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employment in the Wedge and Spicer drug store. In 1877 he entered the Univer-

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ture of the medical profession, by G. W. H. Kemper, M. D., Professor

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The subject for discussion was that of the " Amend-

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pedium one ounce, fluid extract of gentian one-half fluid ounce,

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individuals had been infected previously to the introduction of

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the obstetrician. Drainage from the uterus after labor has

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opinion of Professor Simpson. He stated that syphilisation

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obtain complete or almost complete rotation. It should be remembered

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and will not be likely to be persisted in. There is a risk of resorting at

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cover.— Price $.1,00 a year in advance, $3,.')0 after three nionilie, and $4,00 if aol paid wilMa Iks

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of chronic intestinal catarrh accompanied by the production of tough

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