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If the head becomes strongly retracted within the first few days, the
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of the lungs, and gives a clear sound : but the liver on the right
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overcrowding, deficient dietary, and lack of fresh air that still obtain,
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the army of the Potomac. Returned December, 1862, to
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in a few instances it is a matter of comparative indifference to them,
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of danger, the circumstance that lead lotions are blackened by the pus ; other
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and has been reported more often than any other metastatic con-
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ed that the Massachusetts statutes were at the present
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that I have seen. It was in a liealthy- looking woman,
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rectus only in those cases in which the transversalis
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is in children, behind the colon, in the left lumbar region, a space filled
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areolar or connective tissue, csjiwially of the cortical portion, is \bv.
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nerve activity — the nerve trunks being mere car-
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Record of March ist, reference was ma^lf ^^ the excel-
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not pass away freely ; nevertheless, from long use the
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part of the city which had been filled in with sand, and the
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permint and in solution in a liquid hydrocarbon, but crystal-
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the several states should gradually yield to other motives, than a desire
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It incorporates James Bowdoin and fifty-five others of the
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physiologist and patliologist not to take for granted
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was the ammonia in the decomposed urine or the microbes, which Bill-
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cases of enterorrhagia varies. It is frequently large, amounting, in some
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fore, in nil cases to give very close attention to the state of the petechial
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No one can say now just what methods will finally prove most effica-
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the saphenous or inguinal openings. The contents are white to red,
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As soon as the poles were applied to the skin over the tibialis
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We observe that many organisms cause infection only when intro-
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morning of the 8th day, when it suddenly gave way under the very free
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is by no means proved. On the other hand, evidence points
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be used as a blend in ext, vanilla.— B«//. of Ph,
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semia and catarrhal condition of the lower end of the
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The Digestive System.— Disorders of digestion are not
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cases referred to, were suoh cases as twist, volvulu;^aud
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tory (purulent) character. The party accused, as in the case just related,