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fectant power of certain agents. 1 For the purposes of his investigations
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from dysuria, dyspareum'a, and irritability of the bladder,
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It often happens that the communication of an empyema with the
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paralyzed, showing that the convulsion was due to a
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digiosus, killed by temperature 58° C. The first three
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Treatment of Renal Calculus." Differential diagnosis is to distin-
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pneumonia that he has described — and if so, what becomes of the
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a good deal of sero-purulent fluid, followed by pure pus, was
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originally to some hepatic or biliary trouble, in consequence of which the
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Pathology — Nomenclature of Diseases — Subdiyisions of General Pathology, tis.,
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has evaporated the particles of phosphorus are left on the paper in a
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directly to its wall and mucous membrane do not con-
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plaintiff. These questions the plaintiff saw fit not to answer, and on September
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senior care, and an "Open Forum" in which readers can react and interact.
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should be taken to carry out the resolutions of the Council.""
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Tlie condition continued without material change until the 15th, when
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vertebral fractures do not lead to spinal cord inju-
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ing raw surfaces. The nail was loose and the tissue un-
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(Hamburg steak) and certain canned vegetables (asparagus and
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word, to his patient, will, in a very great number of
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upon other animals — they are therefore known as endamebae. There
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She was treated with powerful emetics— sulphate of zinc,
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took place on the twenty-second day after the second attack. Dr. Dauchez
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Remarks, — Had there been a good means of holding
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1874.] Report on Toxicology, Forensic Medicine , ^c. 243
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53 to 17 per cent, and the X' loss from 87 to 25 per cent. Six months
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which I have reviewed very briefly will, in the future, be much
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cal abscess, with a fistulous opening, from which quantities of
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take formula No. 3, containing ingredients for a child 4 or 5