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conclusion that a coagulation necrosis takes place in the nerve cells,

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remittent fever is not definitely known. Its cycle of existence

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London, Mr. Lister of Edinburgh, Dr. Sayre of New York, Dr. Moore of

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New York : G. P. Putnam's Son. London : The Knicker-

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The surgical means of venesection might possibly meet the emergency

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doubtful etiology has been described. Tuberculous ureteritis is especially

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atom of vaccine virus is sufficient to give protection against small-pox, — or

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13 days and nights; now every night from 1 a.m. till daylight.

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versions of the moral instinct come on, and frequently

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bility to convey these facts to people of every age,

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William Gordon Dice of Toledo and Miss Mary Gertrude

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without convulsions, and loss of muscular power, followed by death

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accepted theory with regard to this is that the con-

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minerals, the non-removal of excrementitious substances from the

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remittent, but became gradually persistent, and the patient died within a

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with the progress of the pulmonary disease, and is rarely seen in men.

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active constituent of the digitalis leaf is, according to Cloetta, digi-

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just above the inner malleolus, and is half- moon shaped.

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appendix region in perforated duodenal ulcer, and in pelvic appendicitis

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His suffering from dyspnoea was intense ; his chest heaved, he tossed

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