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fections of the genito-urinary system. Each senior student is required to engage in the actual

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times occur in hemorrhage. Albuminuric retinitis is also in favor of ursemia.

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The history of these affections was much the same in all cases;

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from which one pint of fluid has been removed. When larger

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sustaining treatment. 8 Moreover, nurses frequently think

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Cases of membranous croup were observed to be the origin of cases of

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like paroxysms, often coming on twice in the twenty-four hours, and

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of its distinguished Secretary, Dr. Wm. Warren Potter, of

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began in her fourth year, on both eyelids, as yellow, slightly raised

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occurrence of infantile jaundice, and that too taking place as soon as di-

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Copenhagen, Stockholm, and other cities, where lie ob-

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as well as in valleys and plains. The same remark applies to

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ous phenomenon in a case of death from angina pectoris.

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of the Charity Ball, given January 29, 1866, for the

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