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3 Revisita Critica di Clinica Medica. Quoted by Foveau de Cour-

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1. A typical course is seen in horses which have a strong con-

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sion, and lastly, the presence or absence of flattening. Hyperidrosis,

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inability to walk or ride long distances on account of

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lence on the neck, was tried in France, and from the medical evidence decided

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V. A Symposium on: ♦'Are Modern School Methods in Keeping with Physiologic

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get around and attend to his work. About two years ago last May

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of thought and ideas beyond the written testimony of authors,

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period and the development of the constricting effect. When the

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dissecting-room, and saves the necessity of the stu

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sible until the date of death, which occurred January 31si, at 3:30 o'clock, a. m.

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atrophy, or shrinking, tumor, displacement and hernia. The

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in widely separated quarters of the globe ; that the characters pertaining to

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the end ; but as such changes are often not to be discovered, it is doubtful

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of less than thirty per cent. An important fact to remember in

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higher than all discoveries and inventions ; furthermore,

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skewer removed, and the flaps stitched and dressed. During the excision a small

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What ideals, in the first place, should you have before you?

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tiiat fracture of the neck of the femur complicatint; dislo-

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mass could be felt, extending as far as the entrance of

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The general physical development of the infected as well as of

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I have not dwelt on fatty degeneration of the heart in these

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to the surgical wards supposed to have appendicitis. Fortunately, the

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greater than those obtained by the acetic acid method used by these

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be borne in mind, however, that poorly nourished children and all

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Chloral Hydrate and Celsemine " has been devised to provide a con-

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erythema on the hands. According to the rules adopted for this study

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deformans. It is rarely the earliest to appear, and it follows closely the

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elements within the closed sacs which form the Pcyerian and solitary

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tonitis certainly recover after a number of tappings. NichoUs found

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