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their relations, on the other hand, to iron, &c., are completely

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preted as a neurosis ; in other cases he found the hydro-

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form of gonococcal infection of the mouth may occur. When vital

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vessels of the mucosa takes place, the hemorrhage comes

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named above, there is one which has great weight with the rela-

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point the remedy was obvious, whatever the patholog-

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of years bands of criminals have been "working" the smaller

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of the materies morbi of cholera has received additional

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white-lead paint in the closets was partly converted into black sulphuret, and

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Detroit. In the same way Detroit's sewage is probably harmless at

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! hand the apex of the nose, to admit as much light

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Dr. Henry K. Pancoast, Philadelphia, read a paper entitled

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lie below the seat of the lesion ; softening of the spinal marrow does not always destroy sen-

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only purely native section of the city to which the new drain-

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. It is curious to notice how each of these acts differently. Cold only paralyze!

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from head quarters. What was done was simply cold affusion to the head,

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Morbid Conditions relating to Fibrin, Hyperinosis, Hypinosis Coagulated Fibrin within the

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small abscess after it has once opened so that it is quite shut off from

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and propriety of the restriction still remains an unsettled ques-

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even this does not argue much against its being typhus,

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i able. Before going on to the treatment of specific

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supposed to prove a local cause. As already stated, clinical observation, so

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forwards, and form in the middle two fleshy columns, which

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proportion to the degree of eosinophilia. In one of

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The case then fell into the hands of a homoeopathic charlatan, and its

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bent position and relative immol>ility of the en-

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most minute examination cannot determine the existence of

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Sorofitia is a disease closely allied to consumption ; the former beine

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membrane was found thickened and intensely congested, but

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sequel of the influenza, was perhaps more than usually

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and a brownich mass, supposed to be the liver. It has a

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finger. He was in my office a day or two ago, and the larynx seems to

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Persons, under these circumstances, preserve their mental powers unim-

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become the means of propagating tuberculosis. It is probable that

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from nine to twenty-two years. One aged 70 was operated upon