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tous tumour in the parotidean region. This animal had latterly

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appearance— face flushed, tongue covered with a dirty brown fur,

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oxysms is apparent. It should then be continued steadily without further

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How can these changes be explained ? I am of opinion that the

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I may call it, of the reduction into the foramen ovale, that the head of the

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The Council discussed a report by the Secretary on the

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through a period of much danger, had regained her normal state, with regular

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A. Make as thorough and complete an excision as possible —

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males and females more or less well nourished ; according to their

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two or three weeks; that he was in bed for many months;

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the lungs is usually estimated at 42 ounces. The anaemia and

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exceptions which have occurred in his ov^'n observa-

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tain air the function of liberating the excremental carbonic

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Hemorrhage may of course take place from any surface ; but for obvious

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plicable to nearly all abdominal troubles. The second condition— or

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port radiologist, was former Chairman of the Department

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few exceptions, pretty well agreed on this point, and, as far as I know, phys-

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the sake of obtaining further assurance that I labored under no mistake.

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5. The periosteum is divided with the resection knife along the

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which at the time were ascribed to crying and agitation, from the fear of

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who was incredulous as to the rapturous ease which a cancer patient alleged he

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disease. The disease is the nervous derangement involv-

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To this cause are to be attributed some cases of palpitations ex-

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tection from the colouring matter of this medium, and

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Infectious Diseases in New York.— We are indebted to

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It is presumied that should the medical gentleman, who makes the

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and frequent. Tincture of Aconite may be given in doses of one drop every

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Clothing may, however, affect the loss of heat from the skin for

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In the next place, there is no public mortuary in San Fran-

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Certain movements become very painful. As regards the abdomen, the

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