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of pulmonary embolism. She had a fit resembling epilepsy, the

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Whenever we wish to determine whether the kidney is involved, and

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they extend through the cornea, the watery fluid will

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Members came from all parts of the State. The total attendance

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duced; it can and will relax vasomotor spasm, and can

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J. Nat. Ass. Railway Surg., Fort Wayne, 1889-90, ii, 18.5-

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appropriate steps accordingly. Very sincerely yours,

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cramps in the calves of the legs, and itching — are, I think, due to mild

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patient, and was overlooked by me in making the first examination.

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In the same, in Leucophlegmatic habits. — De. G. Bied.

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present. There have been others, however, who have awarded it a

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Twenty-first Annual Report of the New York Orthopaedic Dispen-

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4. Drugs. — Unlimited physicking is to be deprecated ; still drugs

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istration of an opiate, accompanied with ergot to secure complete rest and

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is reduced, the acidity of the urine should be adjusted

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general disturbance is due to the toxic effects of the products of fermentation

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millimetres square, which had been removed by means of a lancet ; this flap be-

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