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had previously been. Like the other woman, she had been subject (for upwards

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third of the centre of the junction of pubis we find a true

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first, want of a good operation; second, early evacuation of cases well

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protest against the prominence given to hysterical malingering and hysterical

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classic dermographic condition), and adds that the next day a light

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spooned out and the parts well ventilated and drained, there is no further

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ing fixed at a bifurcation, and they obstruct, partially or completely, the

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[AGRAM IV.— Showing Relation of Milk Routes to Typhoid Fever Cases at Elkton, Md., 1900.

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toxine was not used until about two weeks after the onset

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to a greater extent the respect and confidence of the profession

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their bodies. The penetration of the bacilli is greatly facilitated

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remittent, but became gradually persistent, and the patient died within a

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Shellum, O. W., Lowesville, N. P. Med. Coll., 1909 1909 1913

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his eyes were shut." Another curious case is related by Virchow at p. 684

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places where disease arises in viscera, for peritonitis is a

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HIV infection depends on the extent of overlap between

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but the .smeai*s are too poor to allow of any decision as to their condition.

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3. Some Misleading Medical Fads of the Time. Beverley Rob-

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or pock is not so marked; this is especially apt to be the case in

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1902-1912, 24,459 dermatologic cases, and of this number 4142

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White " reports the case of a German, twenty years old, in appar-

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noyances compared with the ostentatious indecency of

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cells, but Dr. Dench had not had such experience, and

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N. Y., 1897, X. 128-135. Also, Reprint. — Stoppato (N.)

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presenting longitudinal ridges and furrows, which give the

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of blood are dangerous. Moreover, if these risks are

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Notice the date on mailing wrapper to which your subscrip-

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thorax. Bull, et mem. Soc^med. d. hop. de Par., 1893, 3. s.,

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pain for about two hours. This morning the pains in the arms, and also