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a good deal of sero-purulent fluid, followed by pure pus, was
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showing agglutination of conidia into slimy masses (X 140).
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yellow fever, and organo-therapy in general. Proprietary prepara-
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It IS not known whether ciprofloxacin is excreted in human milk, however, it is known that ciprofloxi
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tests of hearing, &c. ; second to the diseases of the ear, their
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Dr. Cruise, who agreed with me as to the ui*gency of the case, and the
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carcinoma, but ascribed these formations to hyaline
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alveoli, but soon increase in length sufficiently to assume a tubular character.
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subcutaneous use of cocain would be much more perilous than
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The third volume of the new edition of the jEncyclopcedia
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sequent cases which occurred within seven days of the isolation, either
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height, and as often as they require. Two or three-
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able so far as they go, but we do not see the propriety of crowding so
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quently, all other things being equal, they preferred to have
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(6-25 per cent.) cases ; V. = gW in one (1.25 per cent.)
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nucleus similar to those floating loose ; finally, there were a few
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