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without doing any good, would have permitted the virulence of the
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stage : and if the antimonial treatment be early resorted to, it very rarely occurs
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We shall also see, when studying the trophic neuroses of the skin
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for, in their natural state, an unconscious adaptation of
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Differential Diagnosis in General. — As the various
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was in a lady who suffered from fainting fits whenever she
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Pekcy, H. T., surgeon, ordered to the Norfolk Navy Yard. Jan-
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pulled, the former sound, the latter much decayed, but the origin of the
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the victorious Allies, and while the statesmen of these
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The Causes and Treatment of Imperfect T^igestion. By Arthur
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siderably increased in size, and the patients suffer from
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In most cases only ten, twelve or fifteen spots show themselves at
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want of a little better term, perhaps, the philosphy
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cipient carcinoma. X-ray, blood and urinary examinations are of but
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of insanity, even aside from those connected with myxedema.
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organising result of inflammation in the deposit of fat
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is only the interstices between its fibers that hold the secre-
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numerous clafs. The proportion of men to women is as I04< to 55,
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tablespoonfuls of Bicarbonate of Soda in one-half to one wash
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ital immunity was meant something specific, dependent
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to repeat the irritations in which they consist, as are the sensations
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and until attacked by the disorder from which they now suffer. This
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It seems to me that from these data we are entitled to
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1891, iv, 10-16.— Powers (G. H.) Antitoxin in ophthal-
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prominent. A single lymphatic gland, not very big, could be palpated
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clear urine from the healthy side, and purulent or hemorrhagic urine from
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largest amount of carbohydrate within the limit of tolerance was
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probably due to vasomotor changes, as in the classical Ranvier
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Ehrlich and Lazarus. 2 (See PL 5, Fig. 3, Nos. 22 and 23 and Schleip's 3
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To the letter sent to the physicians there was a response
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valuable. Every article of food is passed upon by the
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