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extirpation of the left frontal lobe, together with a portion of the base
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ton, of the Marine- Hospital Service, has made arrange-
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gested by Lord Roberts and accepted by the government
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a temperature of 104" to 122° F. and the limb wrapped in it. This has
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and brotherly feeling, I am, as ever, one of your warmest
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for the museum. Dr. Nicholas Senn said that some of the
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of the animals subjected to the experimental operation developed ulcers.
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finger and curette, so that one can be certain that everything has been
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periods of congestion are pale, with swollen cheeks, and growing weaker
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strangulation had taken place in a portion of the ileum, producing such
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The action of the energy of the electric arc spectra upon
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of the bone, whether an explorative puncture with a
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tions. We are obliged, from want of space, to abridge this
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does not appear to be any great dearth of literature on this
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limbs move when touched or irritated, the movement is clearly
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tion of the cervix by means of tents or rubber bags in-
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gion exposed. A cyst was found involving nence. Severe headache is continually