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it appeared in the Island of Antigua in the years 1835, 1839, 1842.

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intervals of several months until about two years before admission,

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these cases the process seems to follow a definite order, with an early

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series of coughing expiratory acts succeeds, followed again by the sono-

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this position as soon as the breech reaches the vulva.

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such a patient in the utmost extremity of his suffering is enough

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Esmarch, Meadows, and Billroth each lost one from haem-

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true that the overactivating cells are removed, those being the ones

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diastase or some starch digestant, preceded by purgatives

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prejudice and apathy could be overcome. Domestic and portable sterilisers, as

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Eruption. — This is preceded by a diffuse erythema most marked

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4 It prevents and cures agues, surfets and fevers, by infusing

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light blue, cell-nuclei a still lighter blue, protoplasm pink.

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deficiency disease in pigeons, guinea-pigs and monkeys, has found

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The vagina above the neck of the bladder was perfectly healthy. The

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