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On the 26th of January tlie fleet was standing to the eastward,

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Dr. F. p. Kinnicutt, New York City, said that Osier ob-

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softening on the left side, involving the cortex, the subcortex, the

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faction in normal persons. We may suppose that we are

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head and were treated first as if he were a drowned person until such time

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With such a heritage as medicine gives you, and such incentives to

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this experiment I have tried the chlorate of potash in the Clinic,

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to cover our ignorance concerning the pathology of the disea.'se.

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but this does not disprove the presence of a lesion.


soon as a moderate contraction is produced, the current

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Case Report.” I found it very interesting and on a “timely”

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joint, and that the right hip. In such cases children are apt to refer

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I would not be understood as holding that digitalis has no

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• Confirmed the reelection of Charles Konigsberg, Jr.,

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