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useless for a long period, and probably forever ; or they may become
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so drawn up that the heels are pressed against the nates. Contracture
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encountered in hysterical conditions, or in leprosy.
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able disease has not only been closely studied by a great
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indignation, I quietly told the poor woman she ought to be
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according to our experience, 0.085 to 0.110 per cent., a finding in close
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aneurysm. The current was gradually increased up to 70 milliamp^res,
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cially among the youth in our large cities. According '
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that should have been saved by surgical interference at the. proper
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the tricuspid segments. There was a firm fibrous nodule about an eighth of
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presence of a movable kidney, which was tender on press-
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The first of these was Benivieni, a Florentine, who
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of reaction of the skin, which we term eczema, due to protein-
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Sponges, to Clean. — Mix about a pint of water in a large
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of 7 70 pages, with 425 original illustrations, many in colors. Cloth,
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was then most thoroughly applied to the cardiac region, but it
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Are the professors — sometimes styled teachers — competent,
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matters of professional interest connected with the management
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by staining with gentian violet. Cunningham inchned to regard these
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ever, are not confined to splenic anemia and are not
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scope, the parasites may be observed. If this scrap-
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with books perhaps even better suited to their needs. The
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abuses. In Great Britain, for instance, the issue of cer-
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serum did not prevent — a mortality of 11.4. The nor-
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sac filled with tuberculous debris without a single vestige of kidney
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sudden impulse is not uncommon : persons have been known to destroy them-