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taken in whiskey, the intoxication was attributed to the latter. This case was
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shortage. Moreover, not all young women who want to
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for the production of X-radiation, should be measured by the radiological result
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concentrated and active solution. With regard to the discolora-
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serum is highly bactericidal to typhoid bacilli, whereas this power in
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morning, and is attended with vomiting of the food which had
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gerous. I have myself often had misgivings as to the necessity of
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because patients are almost always sensitive to colon bacillus protein
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and in dysentery, phthisis pultnonalis, ophthalmia, and other maladies,
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sequence will be. A new-born babe is noticed to have- snuf-
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diminish the irritability, or the sensibility, or both, as the case
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England and Wales, one each for Scotland and Ireland.
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diagnosis and pathological anatomy of a disease, but years of
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away, and coma preceded death. The treatment in ten of these cases
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of habit and of temperament, and the beating may be induced by only a slight
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Dr. Millar has shown how little the words ' Facts indicating insanity ob-
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March, 1838, moved that " a Committee be formed to co-operate
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Dr. Lyon Playfair's friends have issued an address to the
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and the same quantity of hops, with a little powdered a-^um,
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from memory, to convey meaning, is lost ; but, in some cases, at
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the amount of fat-splitting which has been performed by the gastric
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of the heart, causing excruciating pain and a feeling of sinking difficult
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posing to puerperal disease, came under my notice, some time
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laughter; generally the head is thrown back, the face flushed,
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later ones. They are apt, however, after a later injection, when
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the treatment of seborrhoea capitis. Ihle recommends the following
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find it necessary to do so. And this system has also been
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purpose of promoting medical science, and instruction in the
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typhoidea ap,\r6tiqnes et reaction agglutinante; quatre
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upper parts of the ascending frontal and parietal, as
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susceptible to it. He again asked what could be done
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lated by the con.stant action of the forearm, tends to keep the tendon tense ;