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the plan of study first pursued by the father of me-
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Dr. George M. Otiell, in Frederickton, New Brunswick, Elizabeth,
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changes. The biliary ducts vary in length. There may be little if any
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appears to be the most important. In my experience at the London
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and will keep themselves and their families on improper or unsuitable
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sis of the vaso-motor nerves regulating the caliber of the
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when transplanted and developed at 37° gave a slight growth which rapidly
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habits, and a full botanical description of each. We have then
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the pulmonary artery. They doubtless in divers ways impeded
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is which is furnished by the lacteals, and what by the liver, I am unable to
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1868 Pollock, James Edwaed,M.D., Consulting Physician
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and you may breathe it in freely and become more vigorous and
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has never found in any other disease of the hair, and has quite con-
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elsewhere there are sloughs or ulcers. Thus in 1862 Dr Wilks examined a
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Sciatica. — Apply each night along the painful areas
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resetting this bone would be a cosmetic effect. The function
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English surgeon who performed tracheotomy on a child supposed to
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of acid and dye in the fruit flavors than in the extracts.
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side, if indeed it be a general fact, I can give you no explanation.
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her side and lifted her rude linen shift, which was
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rheumatism, that it is entirely abandoned by Sacharjin,*
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ever, fail to appreciate that probably in many instances an area
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bonate of soda and five minims of aromatic spirit of
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Peripheral Paralysis. — Many points in regard to the causes and sjon-
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Case. — Stockton and Park ' report a case of subj)hrenic
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Imngination. . In one handttome octavo volume of 416 pages, extra cloth, $3 25. {Now
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and, therefore, mercury in large doses, to promote salivation, ha&
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