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was done by cutting carefully with a scalpel at about an inch beyond the part sur-

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effective. In the severer forms all three may be necessary to prevent inflamma-

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by means of a suprapubic cystotomy ; the diseased tissue in the mucous

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positions I'equiring the least muscular effort have the lowest pulse ; and

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gastrium, and this was found to be the case by carrying the pressure

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ducting of the case. The remarks upon treatment, general

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It is very evident that this training prepares one ex-

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is decidedly enlarged to the left, so that it projects into the lateral thoracic

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is from a patient who is suffering from general paresis, and is

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OSMA friends whose exclusive mission is to help your association’s members develop

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muriatic acid. Between the intervals of feeding some

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following statement to the public school teachers of the city:

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fessor Arthur Keith, it is quite possible that Robert Burns had

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abscess increases, the mental state becomes impaired, and the lower

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tory, the longest railways, the largest steamboats, the most

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The order Cestoda (kestos — girdle, eidos — like)

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is abducted and inwardly I'otated to a slight extent ; the

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detail the treatment of an old case of prolapsus, as illustratmg the

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duced an elegant specimen of his talents for rhetorical com-

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such as harness, blankets, stable implements, and evacua-

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hemiplegia, have characterized a group of moderate size, with

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The urine of a chlorotic patient, unless there be intercurrent fever,

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of course, will require special treatment as they arise.

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up to him without trouble. Rub youi' hand gently on the

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lated or non-pediculated, or the treatment of the sub-serous variety. It

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the "want" of a better house, a finer dress, a more handsome

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Tayloe, Joshua, Washington, Bellevue Med. Coll., 1892 _ 1892 1904

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While the importance of the one class of procedures

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though this has not been the case of late. Twelve years ago, without any premoni-

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the evidence it gives is less equivocal and as easily inter-