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extraordinary development of one part, say the brain, renders the individual

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deficiency— hemophilia A— or von Willebrand’s disease. A

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ficance. It all depends on whether the rales are persistent, and

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The Missouri Pacific has four hospitals, situated at St.

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No considerable modification appears in sensibility or

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filthy in their persons and habits, but they bring large

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before pertussis immunization was widely used, 14 there is no

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these circumstances, I have known the urinary excre-

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and, therefore, mercury in large doses, to promote salivation, ha&

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as in England, and it is a question how the courts here

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measure, when the condition of the patient is such tliat only temporary relief

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Adiposis Tuberosa Simplex. — Under this term Anders has described

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family of potentiated salicylate products. In addition to

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circle is established — the penalty attending the accommodating

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Jas. Thorburn, President. Chairman Committee of the Whole.

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natural position. " Of coarse," saya Professor Flower, tho dis-

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the articulations which are affected with the gonorrhoeal

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tions for the dependent insane in the county of Kings ;

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of the Society, could be admitted. Virginia F. Bryant, M.D.,

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condition of the patients operated on, and the great lergth

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.A.S Emeritus Professor, Professor of Clinical Surgery Mr.

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deserve eternal gratitude for the heritage they left

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sis is justifiable, and will in ninety per cent, of cases

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complicated by meningitis, also of the cerebrospinal fluid.

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cyst in the left caudate nucleus was associated with right hemiplegia,