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having a cooling, mildly alkaline taste. Permanent in dry,
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accepted tlie position ot* Dean of the Medical Faculty (regu-
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Obozr., Mosk., 1893, xxxix, 925-938. Also, transl.: Rev.
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As I have been referred to by Dr. Eood in connexion with some
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the time of entering the hospital. At this tirne his tem-
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would in itself cause a better mortality rate. Further,
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Althoff has, however, obtained a decidedly beneficial action by
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In closing this chapter, I can only wish both you and the
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hyperpyrexia, pneumonia, pleuritic effusion, and cardiac failure all
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brain. The change is essentially a slow thickening of the membranes,
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with which you are familiar of the fuller meaning of the cry going back
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are governed by a board of trustees, who are appointed
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was instructed to send Dr. Lewis a telegram expressing the Society's
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sive quantity of food ; /;. an improper quality of food \ \
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cases of right, inguinal hernia. From these reports, one
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desperate cases of labor, promptly effect the delivery of
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complete convalescence or safety of the patient. The prognosis
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crews have been placed on vessels at anchor outside the
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^ottic muscles can neither be proved, nor is it even probable — ^the few
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> \ l"}'l.i-ni. Tlu-ir -iunilii.iiu !■ i- iinkn'.wii, Init tlicir appiMP-
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Still we usually find an outspoken chloranemia — i. e., a diminution
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management, does not generally take place until the end of the
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