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■or was I at all surprised this fall, to learn of

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the same evening. One was the case of Csesarean section,

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particles for staining, rather than instructing the patient to put into

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We have known but little hitherto about the filtration of ren-

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the results and conclusions based thereupon may be vitiated. It fol-

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From the birth of child, seven years previously, she had constant pain in the

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leucocytes and diplococci in small numbers ; from the deepest part of the

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was put on the finger of each graduate as a sort of insignium.

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that in the midst of the fleshy granulations, proceeding from the enlarged canals

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fingers, in which at first the fingers looked just as I have seen them do

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as belonging to that class of animals which are generated in all

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" science of statistics " are truly unfathomable. The para-

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the Times newspaper, in which he announced the discoverv of

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nation revealed typical double optic neuritis. The pa-

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after be considered as a distinct affection, under the name of ' glosso-Uno-

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panions to your unequaled " Artificial begs." After many years

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the syphilitic nature in these cases rests only upon the antecedent occur-

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tinued, with the occasional intermediate administration of

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ended May 4, an annual death-rate of 18.07 per 1000.

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terior pharyngeal wall; under these crusts there is no ulceration, but only

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The intensity (degree) of the optic neuritis is also of some importance ;

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indigestion, prostration, extreme insomnia, nervous irritability,

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departed friend, whose social and intellectual qualities

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prepare a work thoroughly scientific and up to date.

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Member of the Academy, and President of the Surgical

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disinfect the dejections, and probably disarm them of

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by the rapidity with which new editions are demanded, and

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• Encourage installation of trigger locks on firearms stored in the home.

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and processes — were all swollen, the granules of Nissl were

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position and influence amongstthe educated classes of society —