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•other passes only through the stopper. The former

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nervous affections, asthma, and bronchitis, and from the

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ured each about four inches and a quarter in length ; those of the third and sixth

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into consideration the period during which it has explicitly

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friendly intercourse between those engaged in it/ 1

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sidered. The prevention of particular diseases will, however, enter into their

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Like auscultation, percussion is either immediate, or mediate.

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upon the lips. Its specific gravity, as a solid, is 1.069, but

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Case IL — Student, aged twenty-one; some neuropathicj

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may puncture the part containing the pus, and let that out

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by tickling the soles of the feet or other parts, are somt

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President-elect for 1866-67, Henry Lee, Esq., F.E.C.S.

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and physical dependency, and to overdose. The costs of such

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many curious proofs of the state of the constitution in accelerating

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each meal a pill is taken containing one-twentieth of a

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siderable pain and irritation of all the urinary organs, attended

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increased gaseous interchanges on feeding a female dog with ovarian

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cult to make its use general if it could be shown to pos-

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calling throws its business aspects into the background. The doctor's

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They rapidly develop into men of powerful physique under a

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or less continuously, tenderness in the region of the sigmoid

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ly employed so soon as the malady has assumed the chronic form

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of Toronto, on " Monocular Diplopia." This difficult optical subject

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was postponed for further investigation. Forty-one of the eighty-six

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operation ; uterine fibroids ; patient well seven years afterwards.

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Definition. — The presence of air in the cavity of the thorax is

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defect in the suprarenal secretion. Much more information was

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95. Fovtfl (Roast) — Ingredients — Butter, flovyr, gravy, lemon juice,

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inserted into the opening, such as eyelets, bougies, tubes, etc. Their use

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the back, which is now her chief complaint. Happening this day to

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oculations on two puppies out of seventeen owned by a