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the cod and ling, the gulls and the gannets slay their
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systomatically I'V the clock an hour het'ore each meal and
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first roller were applied. The tourniquet on the femoral was removed in
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prorectal abscess was drained through the wound and ten
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gymnastics, besides the ocular treatment. Vision not improved,
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hour intervals. If the baby refuses to nurse and shows any signs
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granulations, in connection with meningeal inflammation. Hence tte
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'taken off his feet' l)y vomiting and purging. For two years he was quite
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form in which entrant would like his prints to be ex-
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sion and combines the cheerful employment of the mind and body.
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a most excellent compendium of the subject, although, in the
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new remedies may be made? Would not man} r of our students en-
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ing thnjtigh the ordeal of the disease, the author says, without hesita-
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whiteness, seen in no other condition. Some of these should then be
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on these disorders forty years ago, defined hysteria as " the reflex neurosis
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superior cardiac plexus. It receives its vital nerves from the
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Orthophoria, alxliiction 5", adduction KJ", surHiimduction
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tiou (if syphilitic ilisciiso, wliicii, f'o fur iis known, is
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subcutaneous cellular tissue as well as the misdirected eyelashes.
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it would doubtless have attracted more attention, both
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elements are incapable of spreading in water by molecular diffusion, thev ought
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struction of the urinary passage. In order to render a cure
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WANTED: — General physician and surgeon and obstetrician and gynecologist
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siastic reforms which he was anxious to see inaugurated.
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to read out the abstract of the contents of the book
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with his present limited staff of inspectors, it would be impossible
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prove beneficial in ordinary headach. The functions of sen-
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f He had a child when he was 120 years old. See p. 105, 10?.
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hours after he had been engaged in cutting the primula
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epigastrium and in the jugular veins, especially in the left
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■months when he first saw the patient, and he could find no in-
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the ist of September to apply the galvano-cautery to the
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acute Bright's disease or to a disturbance simply functional. They are