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In some cases of accidental burning in which all the facts were known, the
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manner, it is incumbent on the Medical Department not merely
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changed, and most probably those which are more readily
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Hubbard, M. D., dean of the faculty and professor of oral sur-
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tion of the cuticle and temporary loss of the hair.
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that a great variety of ills might follow extensive lacerations of
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dition a distinct clinical entity, which is separate from the previously
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hemiplegia, have characterized a group of moderate size, with
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these patients were in hospital practice ; the balance in
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When the case goes on to suppuration hot fomentations will aid the
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'eat increase until the milk contains enormous numbers.
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convicts were stricken with typhoid fever in one of tlie
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curred. Pain spread rather rapidly over a considera-
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sis as conclusive, one of the chief arguments against this
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in Private Housea avd Asylums ; and the Use and Abuse of Sedatives
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cent, of the cases. In all probability these caseous masses
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performed upon patients who had undergone the primary Syme's operation for
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dinarily these droplets are carried several feet, but under exceptional
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sensibility of the nervous system, its use may render men less liable to
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as the writer states, that Csesarean section does not mean that in a
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demiological obifervations. Sufferers from fever frequently- give a
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many contested issues were necessarily excluded from the re-
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four or five days the same train of symptoms, and then vomited a
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The Relationship of the Ductless Glands to Arterial
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