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pressure. Observations with Hill and Barnard's sphyg-

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is true. This difference is probably due to the entire nutrition of the

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as not to have too irritating an effect on the intestinal

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leading to temporary paralysis do not affect the risk. Aside from these

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missions, the patient sweats freely, and feels well ; the remittent


ater-troughs, gelatinous, and of a bright dark-green

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per cent. There is a fixed boring pain about the site of the aneurism

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frequency, or if there is anaemia or oedema. In such cases he has treatment

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which seemed to produce great evacuations of water, by \he

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Referring the student to the Manual of Anatomy for the descrip-

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Acute pancreatitis should be suspected '"fection. Deaver reports cases presenting

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adults. One of the marked effects of this poison is to suspend all the secretions

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the introduction of cancerous matter into the peritoneal

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each investigator to determine the value of A for his exact conditions

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on the table the pad should be removed may cease. If the vomiting continues and

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fever is not considered to be a contagious disease in France.

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consisting of a number of parallel needles fixed in a plaster-of-

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business with very little discomfort. It is my intention to have him

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bromids. The best intestinal antiseptics are salol, salicylate

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room in any degree of excitement does so carrying a weight which

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tervals, he must wear a white gown and rubber gloves, and these gloves will be

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organs not mentioned present nothing worthy of note. The skull shows two

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typed rule, and that is, when to pronounce a growth

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edge of the lingual gyrus, the lower half of tlie cuneus, and the included white