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dent that neither method is altogether right, hence scientific

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the evidence it gives is less equivocal and as easily inter-

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get a specimen from all suspicious sites and send it for acid-

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contrivances were tested, the best proving to be the one represented in

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mitral insufficiency. Age is important. A few of the cases are congenital;

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wait a couple of days, still keeping the patient under mor-

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Founda-

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Children's Hospital, on whose staff both Dr. Ashby and Mr.

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Blood in small quantities is excreted with the urine in that

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patient recovers from the chorea, the murmur may disappear. Another

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Centralblatt f. Bakteriologle u. Infekt. (Jena), February 21.

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return current must be larger in order to prevent overfilling.

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ondansetron-4 mg safe in pregnancy

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Remedy. — Change pasture and water and feed on nu-

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of this kind, no doubt, would increase vastly. I have seen a patient

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The fungi are variously distributed among organized nature; each species

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bacilli. Yates and Bunting have enthusiastically advocated the infectious

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of the stomach and bowels with a tendency to collapse on.

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organisms present in the intestinal tract. Such examinations are essential

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rarely albuminous. Jaundice occurs in a certain proportion of cases.

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visitations of influenza as an epidemic about ten times in a cent-

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which are used to cover the patient and surround the field of

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large abdominal tumor, but upon opening the abdomen

ondansetron dose for 5 year old

determined that I never would trust to the powers of