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diminishing their polarity, and inducing a state of anassthesia, impairing the excito-

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is high-stepping in neuritis, with foot-drop, the toe grazing the ground (the

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tion, rheumatism, renal obstructions, Bright's disease, and all

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from the classical type. They show that cases due to pe-

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the first six months of life. Co-ordinated clinical and

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invaginating the scrotum into the inguinal canal. This was

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hiemoglobin is absolutely increased in the vein, and

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cessful aviator is often high strung and impulsive and requires

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tates the ease of breathing and, also, contributes to the separation of the

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ously. The adult dose varied from 15 to 30 grains, and for chil-

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tioners, and represented the fruits of sound studies and of

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nual of Universal Medical Sciences, 1893, vol. iv, section

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Warrington. We called this camp "Camp Davis." We were

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through the coats of the vessels is not liquor sanguinis^ but water con-

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to commend the OSMA Journal and its editorial staff

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uterus up. 1 usually leave in my stitches for about

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Fort. Fistules urinaires; proc6d6 pour reconnaltre le

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series of cause and effect may take place, when brute animals

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After the meeting a banquet was given by Dr. M. J. Donohue to the

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believe the deep fascia to be the great obstacle to the extraction of

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Walther.— Deutsche Zeit. fur Chir., Bd. XXV, pp. 260-286.

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officers of the army for the re-vaccination of all the men

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at Hyatt Lake Tahoe. Fri-Sat. Contact: Deborah Wilderson, Educa-

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The next point for us to consider is that most operations upon the far

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they ought to give, they were ludicrously wrong. They

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on 2 cases, both proving inoperable on account of advanced