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gradually absorbed by the blood. Direct pressure may also cause
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and construct a suitable hiding place for many things. The
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registrant and to designate law enforcement officials
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ciety. The knowledge of the cause of disease is most
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be found that night, or any night, haunting Ratcliff and ShaJ-
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side. This pain is very intense, and is described as
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was met with. The diagnosis of tubercle he had never made
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that they must not indulge in domestic brawling, because
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1 death, Gen'l Hosp., Va. 1 death, Mil. Dept. S. Ca., Gu. and Fla. !
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cult to anaesthetize, are readily brought under the
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BENJAMIN BAILY, a robust seaman, aged about thirty-
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> .Miiiioli. .lied. Woch., ISM, Ko«. SOandSI; British Medical Jour-
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The paralytic affections which are liable to supervene do not, in general,
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requisition — a.s in London some iifteen years ago —
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rule is by no means an absolute one, the presence of large quantities of
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will in many cases prove satisfactory. Persons with goitre
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99. Application of Iodine for Arresting the Spread of Hospital Gangrene. Dr. Jon.
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need became apparent. Private hospitals stand ready
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same fermentative reactions thus differing from the ordinary strep-
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from persons successively inoculated, the disease becomes progressively more
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mechanical compression of no benetit ; ligation performed
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what the faint odor of weak broth. The white sand is deposited
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indica, aconite, etc., should be similarly standardized
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form a clinical connecting link between simple freckles and the graver
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A. Laboratory, Pathological Anatomy and Histologj'. A'. Laboratory,
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curetted, and, as the temperature reached 104° F. next
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general or limited. As the pathology of unilateral epileptiform convul-
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scale. In the lowest notes of the male voice the chink may
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a slight odor of iodine when colored, and having a sharp,
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pearance of the disease with the formation of a smooth,
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iiold of the strap that is provided for standing pas-
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It will be convenient to notice, in connection with these varieties
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2 The writer has reviewed the early literature with citation of original articles in
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I. Those caused by gross anatomical lesions, such as meningitis