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doses of mercurials; to-morrow, when the digitalis was
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with the exception of the peculiar form of optic atrophy, which probably
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troublesome, especially at night. Sputum purulent and copious, occasionally tinged
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are' about the size of small beans (17 Mm. X 8 Mm.), ovoid,
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•deristic is an abnormal development of the pulmonary connective tissue.
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much stress on hypertrophy of the middle turbinated.
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in old malarial patients. The apyrexia, therefore, cannot be trusted,
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present. Over the surface of the tumor small nodules
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less turgid and its expression calmer. The heart, which
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18S6, letter: Paraplegia; can f^el a few inches down from trunk. Legs are crooked and
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kind and degree of benefit we may hope to confer on him by
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solve slowly in the mouth, swallowing the saliva. After taking the second or
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These agents also helped maintain the shape of the ante-
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the peritoneum, or while the wound was being closed.
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own experience I can declare positively that they con-
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Potter is a graduate of the medical department of the
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from the ordinary form which they call the grand or haut mal. These
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both the lists which have been dismissed are intrinsically of little inii)ort-
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presidency of Dr. Alexander J. Stone, St Paul. The Commit-
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outset in order that the proper constitutional treatment may be com-
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Duff P: Pyelonephritis in pregnancy. Clin Obstet Gynecol 1984; 27: 17-31
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tween quantity given and severity of the operation, or regard-
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and whips continue their motion, and as a result the entire mass
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Sn iliinj; iijipaiatiis. No 4l047.'i ; S.'pt. H, 1889. — Wild
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ISTaturally, when examining small children, we do not expect
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upon Strychnine and Tetanus, and no two states of the nervous system are more tho-
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subsequently confirmed the diagnosis of complete interruption of their
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carrieth the keye of his chamber with him. These are all gone in at the
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calculated for three years, upon a consideration of the
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factors known to provoke an attack of acute congestion should be
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ings of the lobules were prominent. Consistency firmer and less succulent than