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returned. He is in fair general condition. On the anterior

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IV patients treated appropriately with other available

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ogy of the heart than in the previous century and it is especially

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in number proportionately to the size of the dose ; but the effect is more pro-

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rhage after prostatectomy, thyroidectomy, gastroenterostomy,

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weeks, and, as chloroform renders the operation painless,

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type. There are no new cases, and as every precaution has beeif

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American medical press, dealing with this subject, and many

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internal tissue, with swellings projecting into the lumen

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Happily the cases resulting in this manner are very

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able persons could in many cases be found in the work-

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Thorax. — Very little eflusiou into the left pleural cavity; quite

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planets and conjunctions, demons and spirits, humours and

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of the societies will be held according to the programmes

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Q. Do you believe in eating when you have a headache?

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the termination of the case were on the right side of the body."

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world. Hence we see that physical friction produced by disturb-

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places. Indeed, we have gone so far as to say that they are, to

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may seem wise. In order to combat the toxicity which is

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line. A localized tumor was evident ; fluctuation could

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to contribute materially to the ease of the delegate read-

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June 16, aged 28 years. — Dr. Francis E. Noble, Jersey City,

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when he said: "It is the strictest schoolmasters who are

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Bacillus coli, 171; bacillus pyocyaneus, 7; bacillus fecalis alkali-

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hours, and that night suffered considerable pain, con-

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product is aggravated and made to terminate in disorganization, while,

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the reports from over 100 cases it contained much very valuable information,

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Beam, H. M., Wood, Columbia Univ., N. Y., 1918 1918 1919

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so that, as I have many times said to them: "If I had pneu-

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elderly person in whom the prostate is affected, and are an

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the fauces, sometimes accompanied with the formation of bullae. The

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