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typhoid bacillus, according to Debove, has also been

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is of less value than the teachings of general experience."

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dying from diseased kidneys and heart respectively.

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and vein in healthy and in diabetic dogs. They found the difference to be

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cities, while the Strasburg statistics show that women are

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Diagnosis. Mingivonn. — Ringworm is exceedingly rare in

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Dupuytren defined it as " the fever whicli supervenes upon

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Nature sets about to relieve the system of tliis poison in the blood ;

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the diplococcus of Frankel and of Friedlander, yeast, sarcina alba, etc.;

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was reserved for our botanic physicians to save the first of the cholera

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the Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health : —

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The question at once arises, what constitutes the parenchyma, or substance

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