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and on opening the peritoneum, the tumor was found quite free
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12 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet, and can therefore be erected inside the
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a novel method of treating fractures, but as Dr. Lucas-
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instruments are not available, the silk can be planted
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erally, however, accompanied by other cocci, but always
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The natural right of man to a natural death was the
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failed to regain his former speed. Some people are considering
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The most convenient method of generating chlorin gas is by decom-
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were engaged in emptying cesspools, during nearly forty nights. Not one of
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wound became gangrenous because the physician did not give
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the hard pulse reduced to softness testifies as much.
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Ante-partum haemorrhage occurred in ten cases; accidental hsemorrhage
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brownish yellow, never green; reverse uncolored ; color in media, none.
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French voluminous biographies of eminent men, but as
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We are familiarly acquainted with the prejudices existiDg against the
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•; ;;,'::. nu. conditions, the fatal issue is practically certa.n to be pro-
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matory action by means of stimulants — quinine — a generous diet, &c, — and
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face of a medium is good evidence of proper inoculation. The data
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patient feels air enter the right tympanum, when he inflates the Eustachian
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Doerr was the first to touch on this first phase of the mechanism
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paper too extreme in its warnings. Dr. Miller,Ohio,
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1885, iii, pt. 2, 220-238. Also, transl. : Arch. f. Psychiat.,
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often associated with dirt eating, among the slaves. He described the oedematous
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has been termed infective angioma by Hutchinson. The disease consists in
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overwork. When any of these can fairly be traced as
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hepatized portion was of a yellowish colour, but in all the induration
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The next meeting will be at Fort Atkinson, Tuesday, March 26.
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channels the current is very rapid, whereas the parts at some distance from these
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8. External tubercles arise more frequently in a spontaneous man-
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The Chairman said he considered the resolution in order,
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which was not sufficiently ob\-ious until six weeks after
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recently reported a case of the above kind of paralysis
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(Mr. Patterson) reported that the man was sane, and the two
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ary croup we do not find coherent pseudomembranes so often as we do
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made for such patients is deplored and, incidentally, hospital
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keep the orifice of a wound open where it was inclined to close, to
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