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constantly passing over the wound, and to have the discharges drained
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cial tissue about the end of the divided sacrum. In
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Morner suggests the following differentiation (excluding the globulins which
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and, fourthly, a case of singular progress, distorted and masked
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Such is by no means the fact. "A chilly fit," says Kush, "seldom
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one ounce of syrup, and a spoonful is given every hour. In his
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Reprint Requests: Ross I.S. Zbar, M.D., Department of Surgery,
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Of the origin of the condition little is known. It has been sup-
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they actually did disinfect the mouth and pharynx, that
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Vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite are difficult symp-
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the middle fibrous coat of the great cyst, and between the outer surface of the
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no means always fatal to animals ; the average mortality in horned cattle
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years, medical statistics have been industriously collected. Legis-
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Hawaii, it is likely that HTLV-I has been introduced to Ha-
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children ; both because of the annoyance of their curiosity, and
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