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attempt made in establishing artificial immunity in practice.

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that " such discharge should be preceded by a leave of absence,

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quite maniacal, and continned so for many months, but she recovered

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ted to a peculiar compound of inductive and deductive reason-

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perpetuated ? The solution of the question is only to be found

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the head of the thigh-bone for caries of the joint should be

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district whose cases are undergoing investigation, in order

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leg and a chronic ulcer of the ankle of twenty years' standing.

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The wound sloughed on the tenth day, and fecal matter

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the diagnosis of arthritis. In arthritis, no matter what the joint, the

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tion of lobar pneumonitis. There is also great variety in the extent of lung

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amongst the tissues. The first thing to do in treating a contused

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In most works on practical medicine many varieties of

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the Pacific. It also occurs in Northern and Central Africa.

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and flabby when he attempts to clench the jaws. Food tends

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pulsation. No operation was undertaken, and the patient died of suffocation.

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The form varies; at times the entire structure appears to be composed

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garrison. Skin diseases have the high rate of twenty-four per thousand

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joint. Large wound over right hip nearly closed. Patient rapidly recovering

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The high rectal enemata were not only intended to cleanse the

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as he lies in bed. And to warm clothing, and warm bathing, may

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or given by mouth or in an enema. The turpentine stupes are very

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ment to the circulation and dilatation of the vessels are £eu: less ^vor-

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geon, of Rodney Street, deposed that the charges made

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It will be seen then that the facial nerve receives sensitive fibres