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mere analogues derived from a once common origin ; but here
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tions to the publication. But the Committee raised was restricted to the
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The discovery of antitoxin has been a wonderful boon to the children,
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During these proceedings it was observed that the crucial
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The results of this research are mainly interesting
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cations will be proper, which were prescribed above for the tonsils.
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placenta consists of a number of vascular bodies, having a pedicle, scat-
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person; incipient senile cataract in each eye, more advanced in
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longer filaments, and then all of its movements ceased.
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make the institution almost independently rich, yet con-
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pneumonia that he has described — and if so, what becomes of the
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I challenge the accuracy of this because, while many
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former dream, as if the beginning of it had some connection with a pre-
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Allen, Chas. I., Wadesboro; Columbia Univ.; Coll. P. and S.,
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formed at that point. If wc hive placed the drainage-
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" As some writers have assorted that there are certain transition cases to be
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For the further illustration of this point, we will adduce the instance re-
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With the exception of four, all who died were examined; there were 55 fiital
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An ordinary good dinner, and a supper of bread and meat, at
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credulity. The English annalist, Raphael Holinshed,
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tiated actions 1 of several Rauwolfia alkaloids, of which
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with a sense of oppression or dyspnoea, is frequently experienced.
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rest of the tongue supports this opinion, had we found
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meningitis, 41.35 (range 11 to 52 in 14 fluids); streptococcus men-
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phorus poisoning in which the source of the poison had been overlooked.
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Dr. T. H. Nott, of Goliad, was elected factured the sodium and lithium salts. The
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the lecturer would be much better spent in the dissecting room or in actual practical work.
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work in eye, ear, nose and throat diseases at New York
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due to the introduction into the circulating torrent of toxical
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if it were not that experimentally the solution was left in contact with