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values (Garrod). In a general way this view is still held, but it
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Angevin ancestors had been buried in the Church of Fontevraud for
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also by the blocking up of one or other bronchus, and by pressure upon the
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(2) Cranglion Neuroma of Mesenterij. — This formed a large tumour
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animals. There was never any ''red water." A few para-
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had taken place. That the peritoneum and mesenteric glands were the
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subsequently practised it, have been uniformly satisfactory.
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more depressing. The mental attitude becomes dreamy, even
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and the reaction performed with the resulting solution instead of with the serum.
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5. Pruritus with traumatides recurring in successive winters (P.
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other dressings are applied ; if there be much pus discharged, with wine ; if
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modify to any great extent the peculiar morbid constitution which con-
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well known, acts as a powerful stimulus; but applied in vapour or
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ronment, develop side-chains of the primordial type, and so are capable
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are increased in size, and while this part is thick-
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