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" Practice of Medicine " till the time of his death.

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Passive congestion of the brain is to be considered as, not an individual

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ing to the strength of the solution, the rapidity of injection, and the quantity

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67. The Physical Signs of Mitral Stenosis. Dr. G. W. Balfoiir .

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It would be difficult to divide the cities and districts into definite

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Delegates had requested an investigation into the facts

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1906 c, byGlobig] <Hyg. Rundschau, Berl., v. 17 (10),' 15. Mai, pp. 611-612.

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Deutsche, med. Wcbnsclir., Berl.. 188;), xi, 626. — Oui''pin

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as the result of tuberculosis. Advanced sclerosis of the pancreas was

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liberal cooperation of Messrs. Martin & Co., this was accomplished.

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114. On the Various Bad Symptoms Observed after the Administration of Quinine

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multiple, and may occupy the greater portion of the lobe; in most cases, how-

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form of acute encephalitis without nuclear involve-

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poisoning, if various persons in the same house have a tendency to wake

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nillin solution (2 grm. pMorogludn, i grm. vanillin, 30