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takes place. Dyspnea is a marked symptom in most cases, and the patient

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alimentary canal. The benefit that they have in tubercular phthisis I

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If the parts are much swollen a snug bandage carefully wound

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ment for books, exercise in the open air, and removal from town to

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rous and humoral treatment of closed doors and windows,

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serum is injected subcutaneously; its influence endures over several days, but

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firmly to the subjacent parts. And besides, it seems to have a

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Piothers, was at the internal os. Ail of my oases recovered a fair

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united wounds. Vaginal drainage is preferable to that through the ab-

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with sacral pain and lumbar rigidity, but soon developed the

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from an antiphlogistic or a lowering treatment. All bleedings thai do


able has been the neglect of the MAN in the airplane.

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vulsions, coma, vomiting, diarrhoea), enlargement of the heart,

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in a rectangular suspension splint; the other wounds were also dressed antiseptically.

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obvious reasons no interference could be made with Pott's fracture and dislo-

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Legislative Reference Library. It was impracticable to attaxjh or leave

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fetidity of the breath varies in degree ; on some days it is slight, while on others

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practice is the best brought forth by the centuries, that all its

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ment of the obstetrical forceps. He portrayed the doubts and perplexities

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racter of 1854. Except in the solitary condition of mean temperature, every-

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facilities for research in such diseases and organized expedi-

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practically the whole of the free amino nitrogen determinable by means of

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to the amount of one-fourth drachm to one drachm at once. Some-

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nance OF Sick Seamen. — Seamen who may require sur-

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in i\Q Journal Generate de Medecine, October, 1829,

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DeI'AGE, a. Ambulance de I'Ocean. Tome II., Fasc. II., 1919

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ifestation of constitutional taint, syphilis, or scrofula."

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of sewage in a part of the house immediately under the

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inward, making your incision from four to eight inches,

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dissolved in oil has been injected into the veins. In certain

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day morninir. some more flies were rubbed on the plaster, though it