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stated, the cardinal early symptoms are sore throat accom-
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worth mentioning that has occurred, served to demon-
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time, kindly treated the case to its close. No autopsy
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not penetrated very deeply, it is practically not recov-
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what benefited or relieved. In chronic bronchitis one obtained
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symptoms occurring at a rate of less than 1%. The most
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the method, it deserves, in the light of its results to the present time, to be
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pint or more of pus and blood had been coughed up. Apparent
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it would doubtless have attracted more attention, both
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fingers, or the blunt end of a probe, that an outlet may be given to the offending
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that he did, using two tubes. The discharge gradually
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which consisted of covering a searchlight with a layer of glass,
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When the terminus is reached, the cars that have transported
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portional to the mass of the body, is very near the truth.
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Sundays, being poor : but when the girl was ill, milk was given to
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of scarcely being able to believe it possible himself, the
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I am not willing to concur in the opinion just quoted. In
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The latter has the sole control over the parts supplied by the cranial
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this is to be continued for some days after all trace of blood has disap-
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been made. Were these excellent rules in force nowa
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Saitake Gaku Zasshi, Tokyo, 1890-7, no. 15, 1-12.— Para-
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by medicines given injudiciously, or by disease in other organs; in
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the utmost difficulty tluvt we could deliver the body