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though it quickly returns upon its being removed. Vesicles or

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As regards the form in which the sulphate of quinia may lie adminis-

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lop, assistant surgeon, U. S. A., is still further extended to

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and increases in intensity for a few years. It then becomes stationary,

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meal, partaking of this meal removes it for a time, the period

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is there an over the counter medicine like zofran

gate, and Morris, First Lieutenant Samuel J , assistant surgeon,

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the Philadelphia Hospital, December 11, 1894 ; died February 5, 1895. Post-

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the disease, unless as the pain and local inflammation may be

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oping the disease at an early period. Functional strain, in accordance

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operations. The type of the disease will vary at dif-

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varies givatly. from 10 or 20 oz. up to 400, r»MO oz., or more.

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ment the elbow-joint becomes stifP, no matter how pro-

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ing this fearful malady. The troops were at this time exposed to no influences other than

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to the mystery of the cause, development and spread

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1 death, Gen'l Hosp., Va. 1 death, Mil. Dept. S. Ca., Gu. and Fla. !

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The name, under which this stranger is thus introduced, is

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albumin. If now the pepsin is diluted and treated in

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of disease of the kidneys afforded by albu-minuria, general dropsy, and per-

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246. Anatomy of Tsetse Fly. (After Minchin, from Reports of the

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of the experiments of Magendie, and his supporters, allege the

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condition of the external auditory meatus. In the infant also the

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the red blood-corpuscles of unknown causation which occurs in certain cases

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treatment of nine cases of liquor habit, and the remedy has proven very satisfactory

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but the symptoms which are produced by such doses as are toxic only when long

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Phosphatic Diabetes. — This term has been applied to. cases in which

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Surg., Phila., 1899, xxix, 09-72.— Naralli (A.) Die ope-

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referrals by staff, relatives and pastors, as well as direct patient

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lotions to splints, old strains, bruises, indolent tumours, &c, in

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tieatiueut of diseases of the eye.s.J Trudi V syezda Obsh.