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2. Cases in which the general condition is below par
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pelvic cellulitis, a lady, whom I sent to Nauheim because of
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Internship at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. Residency at the
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making with the twelve who hoM state certificates, sixty-
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for bilocular stomach three times. The first case was a male, thirty-
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looseness of neck, and general suppleness induced by a rid-
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arteries is a frequent complication and one of fatal
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if any thing he was more seriously ill than in this instance, and he had
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both by physical signs and a shadow picture, was shown to be the
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projecting piece standing almost straight forward, far beyond the
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tongue. I do not discover any glandular enlargements. I take it to
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had been a very correct single woman, and had an un-
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sion of a sharp frost, their usual complaint immediately attacks
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n the treatment of typhoid fever or any Typhoid Phylacogen was subjected to
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1893, ii, 1391. — Castelli (L.) L' acqua potabile di Firenze
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metoprolol tartrate 100mg-hydrochlorothiazide 50 mg tablet
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which radium is now covering, and thus far we are still in the
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On the 19th of May a stated meeting was held, and Dr. Nathan Boze-
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muscle. When it was possible to distinguish the latter two
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distended. In subacute cases of long duration distention may be pre-
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One great danger that arises in injuries of the head
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was then most thoroughly applied to the cardiac region, but it
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using saturated boracic acid solution, and had accomplished the object ;
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A paralysis or paresis of peripheral origin is usually distinguishable
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described by Dr. Keyes would usually do away with the
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be clear at once that if an ulcerated surface is present, there will
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a gynecologist who exhibited the case to me, which had been
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numerous, and in the heart and large veins often have a pinkish or a
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to its position ; but it is more usually encountered sprin^inf
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the disease. In 18:^1 the legislature of Tennessee passed an act re-
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the much greater number of crossed fibers. The direct and the crossed portions of
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of the digestive and assimilative processes, dilated stomach, and oxal-
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telligent, cultivated lady, believing and practicing physical exercise,
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On Deaf- Mutism, and the Method of Educating the Deaf and Dumb. By Lau-
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an indirect way to syringomyelia, and more closely to hyper-
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ord in Wisconsin is good — as good as in the rest
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the smallpox, for which the physician prescribed for a fortnight ; — but as
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acute disease, or it may develop as a primary condition from
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