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Stevens under whose care he was then placed, stated that he had delusions,
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influences, and, from a medico-legal point of view,
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with heavy duties. Beer suits most persons in our country who
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a whole series of these compounds, each more powerful than its
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The«patients must be kept under observation, and the
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the urine, causing that peculiar and fatal disease known as diabetes.
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and did not seem to be in much pain. The urine was acid, .
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use of soap, or to excessive friction either by the towel or by the clothes.
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proportion -will be still increased if the deaths from meningitis^
how to store amaryllis bulbs for next year
twenty minutes at a time, and her diet should rapidly be increased ia
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also adds much to the interference with nutrition. This
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flatulence which passed both up and down. There was no nausea. The
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Two silver candlesticks still remain in Bristol Cathedral as the
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only a few scybalous masses. On opening the abdomen
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and one as a dispensary. The total capacity of the two magazines is 800 beds,
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and hypostatically congested ; the jiericardium contained a
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Ox Sunday, the 17th inst , the Kev. Professor Haughton,
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Dr. Spiridion Kanellis, during the past ten years, has treated five hun-
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highly vitiated air found was in a room with an air space of about
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accompany localized peritonitis and subacute metritis.
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tend over an entire lobe, and are as marked in degree as in acute cases. It
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degree up to complete abolition ; in some cases the residting contraction
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The professional mind in this country and in England
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useful. Proof of the diagnosis rests upon culture of the