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I have cited these authorities for the purpose in part of show-

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economy. Do not place the sponge or dough too near the fire,

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inches, and the other nine inches in length — which he had re-

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further to be employed to bring about a greater fulness of blood in the

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the interior of the right ventricle and that its extension was embarrassing the

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By this incision the track of the wound lies almost perpen-

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as the same disease. From the place of beginning it gradually extends to the

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9. Extract of henbane 1 dr., water 8 oz. — White.

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the galvanic or faradic current was employed, under static

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tery, enteritis, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever). It was

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and exhibiting Dr. Dobell's name in a way that shows

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He gives two cases of this disease, in one of which there was a

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usually every morning ; bowels torpid ; emaciation ; occasional

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Cambridge undergraduates exceptionally good subjects, and I suppose

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Among the different forms of fluxionary h3rpera8mia, those caused

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perience. Those who have had considerable experience will be able to

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fourths to one inch in diameter, one being behind the ear. The original

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with the Wassermann reaction diminishing, the cell count varied between 40

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the body, and indicate their relation to the deeper-

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incapacity. In a case related elsewhere, the incapability of conception on the

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Sunshine is required both to keep the house dry and to destroy

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Also in this same category of rarities the appendix has been

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NIH. Considerable interest has already been expressed in the availability of

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demonstrations of what takes place within the large cells of car-

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tary studies in some one of our state high schools. It certainly reduces the

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