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Fig. 101.— Alq^ Commonly Found in Water. [Year Book, U. S. Dep't. of Agb., 1902.]

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globulin and a cell-count varying from 20 to a very large

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of a strong solution of morphine. The favorable results said to have

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between his results and the possibility of acidosis.

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The efficiency of this method of detecting mercury when absorbed and

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red, in a brief and sensible address. After some other unimportant

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for which the classification was begun was to establish

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CPRO has been involved in national projects to expand the

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been trying to interest capable students in careers in med-

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thereto. Thus the first resolution discussed read as follows :

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takes place early the protective or reparative formation

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the cathode of the faradic break current can easily be

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often, at first, obscure, as the disease may make its approach

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Grouping together the prominent brain affections, and

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1. Place the stethoscope over an organ and move the vibrator from

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high degree disfiguring, but often induces serious consequences. The

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This volume completed the 1903 series, and makes one of the best

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Sexual Incitement in Cities. — Certain concomitant

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witz {Arch. Intern: Med., Chicago, September 15, 1920, xxvi. No. 3,

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fair estimate of the conditions that marked the physi-

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is to render the occlusion of the tube more and more complete, and actual

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3. Other things being equal, a low mean blood-pressure produces both a steep

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five were from fifteen to thirty years of age; twenty-two from

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ternal fauces ; and ail the cases terminated well, under the simple

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Kichet e con scorrimeiito in 1 ito. Lavori d. clin. ocul. d.

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our waters, in a concise, able article, worthy of the best

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On examination, I found the hidlow of the sacrum occupied

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Bv direction of the Acting Secretary of War, a board of medi-

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syidiilis, to which he gives the name of gummata even when it is not

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John Eayncr, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., of Oakhayes House, Woodbury,