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.faith to illusive theories is fallacious, and bound to bring ruin and disgrace.
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should be seated at a distance of one meter from a well-lighted window which is
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Roentgen dermatitis referred to him by Professor Ehrmann,
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pentine. Alcoholic stimulants, opiates, and astringents they
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to the result by prevrnting the individual from reacting against
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purplish hue ; the patient Lb treak, and lies on his back ; does not sleep
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right apex, from the weakness of breath-sound, and dulness at
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recovery. This peculiarity is probably not due to idiosyncrasy or to an
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common. The conditions in the two sets of cases were
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than any other thing when workmen are exposed to very high artifi-
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Phenocoll, which is a body of the aromatic series, was for a long
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glands of the intestine, grouped as true and false,
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complication, so that the impending danger could have been deferred, and
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and near Zurich are not very particular about what they eat;
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uniting at the trochanter. L He observed, immediately after
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of the probe for any possible deep-seated calculi. (3")
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and ambiguous kind, having many appearances analogous to each of
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parts ; they are practically longer and afford more leverage
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by permanent contractures and antitoxine inoculated by the subcutaneous
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disinfect the dejections, and probably disarm them of
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prolongations among the deeper structures of the neck
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evacuate by puncture was not situated in the pericardium. The
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Ether anaesthesia was adopted and no fits occurred during its adminis-
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new form of Pessary which he had for some months past
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nosis, and the lesions were generally considered unresect-
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from persons successively inoculated, the disease becomes progressively more
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