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elaborate article, in which the signs and symptoms are
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published ; and, notwithstanding the invariable lower winter
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be in the lungs, the middle ear, the bones, or genito-urinary organs. In a
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been 100 2", 100-6°, 100 6°. To-day, at 3, P.M., I find him weak
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be^i consulted in cases of insanity which were regarded as
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in large cities like Bombay and Calcutta our observations led us to
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attempt was necessary. Acute endocarditis complicated by abscess of
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M. Brown-Sequard commenced by injecting into the veins of animals their
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is not high. In none of our cases of hypersomesis gravidarum was
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of the attack with small doses, after eleven days. No relapses or complications
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Ztschr. f. Geburtsh. u. Gynak., Stuttg., 1890, xviii, 30-36.—
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Mortality.— The mortality of any large series of intes-
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poral segment while the rest of the retina was paralyzed.
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recent writers think that this is true even of mucous membranes.
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life, both as regards her menstrual function and general health.
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In the remarks we have to make we shall deal almost ex-
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veiy old people find it difficult or impossible to sleep con-
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indications for Belladonna are : considerable urinary difficulties, even
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difficult of all subjects to master ; therefore it acquires men who desire to
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on raw flesh (a food unsuited for them at that early age), he rendered them
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cured. His dropsy, which had been great, had subsided, and he
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carbohydrates fortified with oils, which they use in abundance, they
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structural changes in the liver cells to be described later.
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sexual power, the sounder the kidneys, and the better the general
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tlio little patient hii>; recovered in some measure from
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retracted, not only upward, but concentrically in all directions, from
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thirty cases to Dana's one case, in substantiation of his
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interest to students and practitioners, by leading members
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right foot, who had been imperfectly operated on several times, finally
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throat fglossanthrax, anthrax angina) and in the lungs (pulmonary
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is often very efficient. The feet should be washed, thoroughly
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as a convuNion-tit threatened. On turning him ou his side, he l>ocame
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cumb — a new and better method, fashioned largely on our
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throws very considerable light on the subject. I come to this conclusion
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occur most frequently in the seventh decade, and that there is
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thyroid extract a wide therapeutic field. In this partic-
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Public Health," and opportunity is opened to give recognition to the