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the actual matter presented, as it is what everyone believes.

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and also of each half hour following the meals; whilst in two others, the

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of the case. Clinical clerks and registrar should be

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meals and large quantities of water must be avoided until recovery

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sound. The latter phenomenon never varied during the patient's

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schools of Salernum into a university, and ordered that no one

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The future of blinded soldiers, W. G. P., 435; A case

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body appearing in the left knee shortly after an injury to this joint. The body

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ternal administration. So much can be said for bichloride

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to light or touch. Neither was there any ai)preciable

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form, while the men stand on one side, the women on

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perature, which had caused her to feel faint and weak,

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Fiat haustus 6ta quaque hora sumendus. [For a child of five years

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changes: The density of the left base extends perhaps a little higher, and the

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forceps, as modified by Sir B. Brodie, introduced them through

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intestines capable of giving rise to the same sort of a succussion murmur. The

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at the top exactl}' coincides with the two points from which the radiographs

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the list of scholars, to be again entered in forty -eight hours more. If Tom-

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G.viiaek.,'Berl., 1898, viii, 701.— Armstrong (G. E.) Sal-

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of uric acid, and is also impaired in its effect by acids. Upon this

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important an organ can be pulled and twisted in the

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large yellowish-brown crusts, unsightly to behold. This manifestation

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2, colchiceine (CoiH.jNOg), occurs naturally and is produced

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solution at i per 1,000 after a day or two. The suture

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seen men waste hours in trying to do an external urethrotomy without

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Spellman inoculated animals with pieces of bone from rachitic infants

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sinuses. These sinuses were very extensive ; in fact the foot was riddled with

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of the face and head are most commonly the seats of

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that is, if the poor nutrition, or the debility from whatever

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round celled infiltration. A section from the midpor-

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occurring with typhoid fever. Johns Hrtfikins Hosp.

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the severer procedure of opening the joint and enlarging the

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gion exposed. A cyst was found involving nence. Severe headache is continually

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Ill assorted marriages of those with hereditary neurotic history ought

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in the disease it was given the smaller was the chance

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recent cases; nor should caustics or the actual cautery be at

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he scarcely ever sleeps, or even dozes— that he is irritable, excitable,

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